I am a Serbian woman who has lived in the U.S. for about a third of her life. I love my native Slavic language, but I think, write, and live my life in English. And I have been doing this for over fifteen years now.

I am married to a charming American who has great interest  in the complicated Serbian language and culture and politics in general, and we have a four-year-old son. We are trying to raise our son bilingually and bi-culturally.

I have been writing something for as long as I remember, and I’ve been writing short fiction in the past ten years. Some of my stories are available at https://pebblemeddle.wordpress.com/my-fiction/

P.S. In case you care, here are a few more things about me…

Politically, I am a liberal.

I am spiritual rather than religious.

I disagree with most of American foreign policy (the policies related to Serbia, Kosovo, and Israel particularly).

I spent my early twenties studying the English language and literature at (at the time ridiculous) institution of the University of Belgrade where we did nothing but memorized ridiculous amounts of data and called that studies of literature, and I went to school here (Beaver College, now known as Arcadia University) and finally graduated from college grateful for the fact that I was given a second shot at education that actually made sense to me.

I worked as the associate editor of two trade magazines, Media & Methods and What’s New, for four years (until both the job and the company were gone) and I continue to do freelance publishing work.

I was an au-pair for a year.

I lived in Libya for two years.

I am a thyroid cancer survivor.

I care about eating and living healthy while not fully destroying this planet.

I crave a sense of belonging to something larger than my backyard.

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