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Circle-and-Line Whistle, Three-Two

I want my yellow whistle, you know, the circle-and-line one, three-two, I want it right now.

Andrei, you can try to look for it some more, but mommy is not going to look for it any more. I tried to help you find it, but I ran out of ideas of places where the whistle might be. If you really want a whistle, maybe we can buy one in that store next to the train station, they must have whistles.

We can’t go to that store and buy a whistle, a circle-and-line whistle, because eighteen hunters came from a forest and killed all the stores and all the whistles. They really did.

So, what does that mean? We have to look some more for your whistle?

Yeah, the hunters killed all the stores and all the whistles.


The logic of a four-year-old intertwined with his imaginative use of the stories he has heard. I guess these are the same hunters that killed Bambi’s mother.

How do you respond to this one?

Well, Andrei, maybe you can look some more. Maybe you’ll find it.

I chose not to question the existence of eighteen hunters…and the non-existence of stores and whistles.

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