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Two Sides of the Same Coin

August 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I am back  from this unplanned hiatus.  While “away” from the blog, I wrestled with the concept and the reality of that overwhelming busyness that pushes you from one thing to the next thing to the one hundredth thing without ever giving you a chance a stop. I realized that this state of busyness might never stop on its own, that it might be me who has to stop it.  It was only I couldn’t stop it because I couldn’t decide on what exactly  to eliminate from my life. After all, I wanted to keep every single particle so, consequently, I kept being busy. I neglected this blog, but I knew that neglect was temporary.  And, of course, I am back…

In the meantime, I turned forty. My son turned three three days after I turned forty. We celebrated and blew candles and realized nothing really changed. We kept living the same life we were living before.

In the time I was away, a few things caught my attention.  One of them was a Time magazine article titled “Should Depressed People Avoid Having Children?“.  In the article, Sarah Silverman said she opted not to have biological children in order to avoid passing her mental problems on her kids.

I understand this point of view so well and I absolutely respect it. But I feel compelled to talk about mine, slightly different, point of view and my choice to still have a kid. Read more…

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